School Prom Organisers Surrey

As soon as a teen heads into their final year of school, focus turns to the school prom at the end of the year. It’s a celebration that they have finally finished education and will be moving onto a new phase of life, perhaps away from friends and to college. It is a formal event where attendees normally wear big dresses and suits, hire fancy cars and have a great big party. If you’re looking for a school prom planner in Surrey, we are on hand to ensure they have the event they have all been looking forward to.



A prom is the chance for school-leavers to let their hair down and have a big bash before moving on to the next phase of their lives. They would have just finished exam season and be looking forward to a chance to relax and have a good time with their close friends. It may be one of the last times they see a lot of their classmates before all moving on to different colleges or starting jobs. It’s a great way to tie up the last school year and have them all enjoy getting dressed up, a meal, dance and other games or events which happen in the evening.


The perfect school prom needs to feel special. Those attending have been looking forward to and preparing for it for a long time and it needs to live up to this expectation. You will need to find a venue and date ahead of time, lots of schools hold their proms at the same time, so you need to be quick to get the place and day you want. It needs to have a theme throughout – this can be as subtle or lavish as you like, but popular ones include black tie and masquerade. It will have great entertainment including a DJ or dance floor and a good choice of food on the menu.


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