Photobooth Hire Surrey

There is nothing like hiring a photobooth to create and keep lasting memories of your event. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event or party, photobooths are great fun and guaranteed to get everyone involved. Our photobooths have studio quality cameras and a range of props you can use (or you can provide them yourself) to create photos that will have you laughing and reminiscing for weeks to come. When you hire one of our photobooths you can choose everything from the print layout to the backgrounds so the photos will be exactly how you want them.



A photobooth is a great way to give everyone mementos of your event that they can create themselves. They are great for big family events such as weddings or parties, as well as more corporate events too. It provides a great source of entertainment that will last all evening and is suitable for all ages. Many guests will end up going back for photos time and time again! You can theme the images to match your event and set up the option to share the pictures online. This helps carry on the fun for weeks after as people continue to share and talk about their pictures. A photobooth can also be great for creating a guest book. This is perfect for parties and weddings; guests can simply stick their images in and add a note and you have something to keep for years to come.


Remember, these photobooths aren’t taking your passport photo, you want them to be good fun! It’s important to think outside the box to generate the perfect photobooth picture (these are always the best to look back on!) Get creative with props, recreate scenes from famous movies, or have yourself and others all do the same pose. Try and get pictures with as many of your close friends and family as you can so you all have special keepsakes from the day and take some smiling ones as well as silly ones! Try special effects such as black and white for a different finish too.


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