Mobile Bar Hire Surrey

Mobile Bar Hire in Surrey

A mobile bar is a great way to up your party or event a notch. Rather than unorganised bottles crammed onto your kitchen table, we can deliver a bespoke bar solution that will go down a storm. It’s the perfect way to treat your guests to a professional display of drinks options that can instantly transform your venue and event. We will come to your house or event and set up the bar tailored to your needs. Whether you want something delicate and stylish for a wedding, elegant and corporate for a work event, or themed for a private party, we will be on hand to deliver.



A mobile bar is essentially an organised and fully staffed bar that can be set up in your garden, marquee or your function. It frees you of any restrictions from choosing a venue that has a bar installed already and allows you to choose where it goes, giving you more control over the look of the event. It will save you time from rushing to make your guests drinks and will also allow you to extend your event theme – you can style the bar and create themed drinks! A mobile bar is also easier to track costs and be more affordable. You can opt for a pre-paid bar, you put a certain tab behind it, or you can allow your guests to make their own drinks.


The perfect mobile bar combines all your requirements with staff that are well trained and is reasonably priced. By hiring a mobile bar from us, you know your needs will be listened to and your specifications matched. We can decorate your mobile bar to any theme you require and provide professionally trained bartenders to ensure it all goes off without a hitch. Why not up it a level and request some of our flair bartenders? We will work with your brief to find the mobile bar that best matches your event and can create bespoke cocktails to truly add the wow factor.


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