Marquee Hire in Surrey

If you are looking for marquee hire in Surrey, you have found just the place. By having a marquee for your event, you can instantly transform an empty outside space into an extended venue. We work hard to ensure your celebration flows effortlessly, creates memories and is an enormous amount of fun too! We have a wide range of marquees to choose from – whether to host your entire event inside or as an added covered area, you will find just what you want to create your perfect event or party.



Hiring a marquee for your event is a great way to utilise outdoor space and create a unique venue without the hassle and expense of hiring a dedicated building. It can also be a great extension to an event, so if you have had a wedding or ceremony inside, people can spill into the garden and the marquee can be the next place for everyone to gather. It is a useful addition to garden parties as shelter incase of rain and can be decorated with fairy lights, a dance floor and chairs and tables to create a beautiful dedicated space for your event. It can create shade in the summer and protection from rain in the winter, so you know your guests are always well looked after.


There are so many reasons marquees are the perfect choice for your events. The first one is that it is purpose-built for events, so the layout and design is suited for entertaining and is easy to put up and take down again. Marquees are a perfect blank canvas which you can decorate and style as you wish, allowing you complete personalisation. They provide the perfect flexible venue and can be put up in most places, while also being suitable for a range of lighting equipment, sound systems and decorations. You can use a marquee as a dedicated space during your event – such as to host a dance floor or food, or as a place for people to sit and relax.


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