Gazebo Hire in Surrey

Holding an event outside is great, there is more space, more flexibility with layout and you can keep everyone to one space. By using our Gazebo hire services in Surrey, you can cater for any garden parties, weddings, summer shows, festivals and fetes. A gazebo is great for shade in the summer and for providing cover from draughts in the winter. They’re a great spot for outdoor heaters and are easy to put up and take down when the event is over.



Hiring a gazebo for an event is a great way to create a dedicated space. Whether you want it to be an added area to hold food and drink, or the main focal point of your party, it has many uses. A gazebo is usually smaller than a marquee, with open sides – though many companies do offer the option to add sides if necessary. They are often used for stalls such as at a festival or public event, or as a place to put chairs and tables under in a private event. It can help create shade from the sun and protection from rain, so you know your guests will be protected no matter the weather.


There are so many uses for a pop-up gazebo; it’s guaranteed to be a brilliant addition to your event. At a wedding, a gazebo can be used as a covered area for the couple during the ceremony, a cover for buffets, bars or a workplace for serving staff or a smaller reception area to lead you into a marquee. They are great at other events to add some extra cover and for commercial use such as for market stalls, street food stalls and pop-up catering, so perfect for festivals, exhibition stands or other similar events. They are lightweight and easy to put up or pack down, though we can help you with this if required. We can work with you to find the perfect size and gazebo requirements for your event.


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