Dancefloor Hire in Surrey

Once the main part of your event has taken place, the drinks are flowing and guests are fed, they are going to want to start heading to the dance floor. We offer dancefloor hire in Surrey with a range of recommended package options for your event depending on the number of guests and the type of event you are holding. Whether you are holding a wedding reception, a black-tie party or a corporate event, our durable and non-slip structure are an effortless choice to ensure your evening goes without a hitch and your guests are dancing all night long.



Dance floors are a great and easy way to get the party going – and keep it that way until the very end. They are the perfect focal point for your event and with a range of different styles and themes, can elevate the décor and theme too. Dance floors are great to separate different areas of your venue, create a central point of the room and use up dead space, as well as being a place to dance. They also allow more flexibility in location as you can turn anywhere into the perfect place to boogie into the early hours!


There are a whole host of dancefloor styles you can choose from, depending on the theme and style of event you are doing for. You can opt for the more traditional styles such as a black and white checked floor or a parquet number, to those that are more interactive and contemporary. Modern styles include fusion, starlit and LED dance floors and these are great for bringing your party to life. You need to think about your event and which style will suit as each floor creates their own unique look and feel. Dance floors can be designed to blend in or really stand out, think about the role it will play and decide from here which is right for you.

Dancefloor Hire in Surrey

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