BBQ Catering in Surrey

As soon as the sun shines, the air is filled with the scent of BBQ’s. The sizzling scent of sausages and burgers wafting tantalisingly to your own garden, leaving you itching to plan your own. Whether you are looking for BBQ catering in Surrey for a family gathering, a party or a work event in your home, we are on hand to provide all you need for a mouth-watering spread. We pride ourselves in cooking up the best BBQ’s in Surrey and use our passion for cooking and events to deliver a meal you won’t forget.



While sorting a BBQ yourself is good in theory, the reality is you’ll spend most of the time on your own, hot and stressed trying to cook for the masses. You won’t get to speak to many of the guests and by the time you get to eat, most of the best food is gone and you’re eating solo. With BBQ catering at your party you are free to relax and mingle with your guests and let the experts do their job. We use only the finest ingredients and provide a relaxed catering experience that best suits larger occasions and family gatherings such as weddings, birthdays and retirement parties.


The perfect BBQ menu goes beyond your average burger. We have a range of different BBQ catering menus depending on your request. If you are looking for a meat feast, we have a range of the finest offerings including burgers, sausages, chicken and lamb – all cooked to perfection. We serve vegetarian and other diet-restricted options, ensuring there is no compromise on the desired BBQ flavour. We will also provide a true feast for the eyes and the mouth with a range of carefully thought out extras such as colourful salads and desserts. We guarantee no one will be left hungry when we’ve provided the catering.


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