60th Birthday Party Organisers in Surrey

If you or a loved one are turning 60, you’re going to want to celebrate it with a bang. It’s the perfect time to take stock of your life and enjoy the landmark occasion with your loved ones. By now you’ve probably had a fair few parties and know exactly what you’ll want (or expectation to live up to) or you might be looking to throw the largest party of your life. Whatever you are looking for, we are on hand as leading 60th birthday party planners in Surrey to make sure it happens.



60 is a great milestone birthday to have reached and what better way to celebrate this, than with a party with all your loved ones? It’s coming to the beginning of the retirement stage and is a significant turning point in anyone’s life, so is more than enough reason to have a good old get-together. It doesn’t need to be a massive focus on turning 60, you don’t need to have large banners everywhere if you don’t want (thought if you do, we can organise this too!) it’s about celebrating you as a person, what you have achieved and to toast to your future.


The perfect 60th birthday is well planned and tailored to your specifications. Have a think about the theme and activities you want as well as who you would like to invite. We can take care of everything from sourcing the food vendors and organising the decorations, to clearing up after. All we need is a little nod from you about what you’re looking for – or if you have no idea, we’re happy to brainstorm with you – and we can get planning right away. No matter if you want to invite a small select few for a classier affair, or all the people you can for a good old knees up, we’re on hand to help create your perfect 60th party that you will cherish forever.


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